Regarding Lawyer Fees

Attorneys and their fees are one of the most problematic areas facing families going to Court.  The following story captures one spouse’s “nightmare” vividly:

“You are so right regarding lawyer fees. My husband’s attorney was argumentative from the beginning and refused to negotiate. We ended up in a 7 day bifurcated trial on date of separation, which I lost 10 years of my marriage due to lawyer and husband lying on the stand and so much more…  it was a circus.

“Then, I lost again on the assets due to my husband being a good liar and the old judge believing him. I lost everything and i owed in excess of $350,000. I lost my home, no spousal support after a long term marriage. I don’t even have money to arbitrate the lawyer fees, $5,000!

“My prior attorney even bullied me into allowing her to put a lawyer’s lien on my home and then, she dropped me saying she couldn’t handle the opposing counsel’s nastiness.  Now I don’t know what to do or how to get out of this mess.

“My husband is sitting pretty keeping bulk of our retirement, he makes $400,00 a year to my $78,000 a year as a teacher and I got fired! So, no job, no home and no job and I am  55 year s old. We had four sons together.

“What a nightmare it’s been.”

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